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- Born and raised in Latina (close to Rome), 23 year old TIZIANO FERRO has been the biggest Italian sensation of the last two years.

- With sales of more than one million singles and one million albums, TIZIANO continues his world wide raise to stardom. 
- His debut "ROSSO RELATIVO", which was released all over Europe in April 2002 then in Latin America in 2003. This album has sold more than 300.000 only in Italy (thus certified Triple platinum), spanned 3 Top 5 singles ("PERDONO", "IMBRANATO", "L'OLIMPIADE" ) plus a Top 10 hit with ROSSO RELATIVO
- The fifth single off the album, "LE COSE CHE NON DICI", was serviced to radio after one and a half years of extensive promotional activities to close this very successful first chapter.
- The music that Tiziano has been able to create is contemporary, energetic and passionate. He is Italian after all!
- His first international success, "PERDONO", has been recorded in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and, of course, in Italian.
- November 2003 will see the release of his long-awaited second album titled "111", which will be led by the first single "PERVERSO"
TIZIANO FERRO is 23 years old and comes from a small city near Rome called Latina. After successfully graduating from High School, Tiziano enrolled himself in two university careers: Engineering (for one year) and Communications... however, his mind was already somewhere else: music.
At 7 Tiziano already showed great interest in music, as by this age he already had his first guitar. Later on, he also studied drums and piano. In his early teens he began writing his first songs and then, at 16, he ventured into a more mature musical direction by joining his local gospel choir in his hometown. His experiences in the choir drew him even more to black music and this is where he developed his real passion for music: "No doubt, music is my greatest love" says Tiziano.
It was in 1997 that Tiziano was discovered by producers Mara Majonchi and Alberto Salerno. For two years they coached him intensively in singing and composing, until they found Michele Canova, who proved to be the right arranger to fulfil Tiziano's music needs. With the right team behind him, Tiziano knocked on literally every record company's doors until eventually it was EMI spotted his commitment and snapped him up for a recording contract by on May 2001.
EMI released his first single, "PERDONO", in July 2001 and was a huge hit. Within a few weeks, the single shot to number one at both radio and sales singles charts. It stayed at the top of the charts for four straight weeks and went on to become the third best selling single in Italy in 2001.
But the success of "PERDONO" did not stop in Italy. Due to the great performance of the single all over Europe, it became one of the most successful European hits in 2002, placing itself in a stunning third position in the yearly charts, just behind Eminem and Shakira.
Number One: Italy (for 4 weeks), Double Platinum; Belgium (for 5 weeks), Platinum; Holland
Number Two: Germany, Gold; Austria
TOP 5: Switzerland, Gold; France, Gold; Spain; Sweden; Slovakia
TOP 10: Greece; Turkey
TOP 20: Norway; Denmark